Discussions underway over possible SDSM-DUI coalition, says Spasovski


Discussions and analyses are still underway over a possible SDSM-DUI coalition, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski in an interview for TV 24.

“This is a period during which all those analyses are being carried out, and certainly a decision will be made. For me, it is very important that we have a really good option for the citizens, which will offer certainty, prosperity and the realization of our strategic and national interests,” said Spasovski when asked if there have been an agreement over a SDSM-DUI coalition or an increase of the ‘European front’ ahead of the upcoming elections.

On whether it is realistic for Russian actors to be directly involved in the efforts to obstruct the country’s path to the European Union, Spasovski said it is a fact that Russian influence and influence “which doesn’t wish the Republic of North Macedonia well” exists.

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