Tomorrow will be a historic day, will elect first Albanian PM, says Ahmeti


DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in an address Saturday on Facebook said Sunday would be a historic day due to the election of the first Albanian Prime Minister of North Macedonia.

“This day is historic both for the Albanians and the Macedonians, as well as everyone else, because we are becoming an equal country and society and we are overcoming all prejudices. Together we are assuming the responsibility to lead the country not one behind the other, but side by side, together, for a European Macedonia,” said Ahmeti.

The DUI leader thanked the citizens for believing in and backing their dream. “But,” he said, “this is not the end, this is only the beginning, we have a lot more work and dreams to realize”. oday, we need unity, to extend our hands to one another, to leave behind the things that divide us and to unite over the things that bring us together, said Ahmeti.

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