Triumphalism and ethno-nationalism are not European values, says Trajanov


I will not vote for a caretaker Przhino Government because it is contrary to the Constitution, as well as the time and conditions when the first Przhino government was formed, MP Pavle Trajanov from the Democratic Union (DS) said in his Parliament address on Sunday.

Trajanov stressed at Sunday’s session the following:

“Mr. Ahmeti, with the triumphalism you are manifesting, giving historical dimensions to the election of an Albanian prime minister to the technical Government, you are promoting ethnic nationalism. Party, national and religious affiliation have become the top criteria for being a prosecutor, judge, director, and even prime minister. These are not European values, these are divisions and confinement in ethnic ghettos. With this kind of ethno-triumphalism, you from SDSM and DUI are not moving Macedonia towards the EU, but are returning it back to the 2001 conflict. The citizens are desperate, revolted and all with a question, Will it be Macedonia?” MP Trajanov said.


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