Customs officers prevent attempt to illegally smuggle goods worth about half a million denars


Customs officers have prevented an attempt to smuggle and avoid payment of custom duties on products worth MKD 273,000 (EUR 4,437), as well as an attempt to illegally export goods worth MKD 192,000 (EUR 3,120), which were discovered during a search of motor vehicles entering and exiting the country last week. Customs officers also seized 100 bottles of Helix plus collagen that a traveler wanted to illegally bring into the country, the Customs Administration said in a press release on Monday.
In the first case, according to the press release, an importer wanted to avoid paying custom duties for goods worth MKD 273,000 (EUR 4,437), which he tried to smuggle by mixing them with declared goods. Mobile teams at the Department of Control and Investigations discovered the goods, including 500 square meters of laminate and 43 pieces of furniture, during an inspection of the vehicle at the Kumanovo Customs Office.
Customs officials prevented an attempt to illegally export a large number of auto parts worth almost MKD 200,000 (EUR 3,250), discovered during a search of a motor vehicle whose driver stated that the vehicle was empty and that he had nothing to declare. Customs Officials found 241 pieces of various auto parts hidden in the space between the seats, under the driver and passenger’s seats, in the center console and left and right door pockets, regarding which the driver did not have the necessary documentation.

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