SDSM begs DUI for joint lists, accuses opposition


Macedonia is experiencing the most shameful times brought about by Kovachevski and SDS. SDS offered Macedonia to DUI, Ahmeti and Talat Xhaferi, just to save their seats, just to continue the crime and corruption they made Talat Xhaferi a.k.a Commander Forina the Prime Minister of Macedonia. We have reached rock bottom, said VMRO-DPMNE official Mile Lefkov on Monday.

“One deserter replaced by another deserter. The criminals had a state, but now they crowned their crime with a prime minister. Ali Ahmeti celebrated, Kovachevski bowed his head, and the entire SDS voted. Kovachevski not only sold himself, but also sold SDS and all their MPs. But there is no end to Kovachevski’s humiliations in his desire for power. He begs Commander Forina and Ahmeti to support Stevo Pendarovski and have joint lists,” added the opposition official.

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