Court cancels detention to Gani Marku, suspect of double murder and Oki’s liquidation in Greece


Gani Marku, known to the Macedonian public as a suspect in the murders of Jeton Krivanjeva-Zhila in the bar Shisha Bar in Kale, as well as in the liquidation of Orhan Bajrami-Oki last summer in Greece, has been released from detention.

Below is the decision from the Criminal Court, from which it becomes clear that the decision to cancel the detention measure of the suspect for the murders, Gani Marku, can be clearly seen.

The decision to release him by chance or not comes during the caretaker government of the Prime Minister from the ranks of DUI, Talat Xhaferi.

Although he is mentioned as a possible perpetrator of the murders, he is currently only a suspect.

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