Pendarovski tells Euronews Albania: Ethnic Albanian can be president, must be backed by all ethnicities


An ethnic Albanian can be head of state, but must have the support from all ethnicities, says Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski in an interview with Euronews Albania.

“I was elected because of the votes of people from all ethnicities, including of course Macedonians, who make the majority in the country. These are national elections. Why wouldn’t it be an ethnic Albanian president, but he/she must be supported by Macedonian and other non-Albanian ethnicities. An ethnic Albanian cannot be president without the votes of all ethnicities,” said Pendarovski.

The head of state added that he has had an equal approach towards all ethnic communities over the past five years.

“Considering my constitutional and legal jurisdiction, I have tried to help everyone, regardless of their ethnic background, so they get their deserved place in our multiethnic society,” noted Pendarovski.

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