AJM: It’s inappropriate for the SDSM leader to give ethical evaluations of the MRT’s work


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) reacts to Friday’s statement of former Prime Minister and SDSM party leaderDimitarKovachevski.

“We express serious concern about such statements that can be interpreted as influence and political pressure on media freedom and editorial independence in the pre-election period, especially in the public service,” reads the AJM’s press release.

Asked by the media, Kovachevskireplied:

“MRTis just a reminder of what the media looked like up to 2016. You should ask this question to Ambassador Geer, to the US ambassador, to the Dutch ambassador, because they very often comment on democracy, freedom of the media, the way of reporting”.

Such statements by leaders of political parties, which raise questions about the objectivity and impartiality of MRT’s media reporting, harm the image of the public service, but also the democratic principles and the right of citizens to be informed accurately and impartially.

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