Kindergarten caregiver abused a 3-year-old child who lost his speech due to stress


The Skopje Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an Order to conduct an investigative procedure against a 32-year-old caregiver in a kindergarten for whom there is a well-founded suspicion that she has committed a prolonged criminal act – Neglect and abuse of a child.

In the time period between 2022 and 2023, the suspected employee of a kindergarten in Skopje’s Radishani committed mental and physical violence on several occasions against a three-year-old child who attended the nursery group in the kindergarten. She addressed the child with insulting words, dragged him and pulled his hair, so he suffered severe fear and stress, which resulted in loss of speech and fear of going to kindergarten.

The public prosecutor submitted to the judge of the preliminary procedure from the Basic Criminal Court Skopje a proposal for the determination of more precautionary measures against the suspect.

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