Investment of Greek Mytilineos in a cogeneration plant in Zhelezara uncertain


The Macedonian Ministry of Economy will ask to reconsider one of the four draft laws on strategic investments. They have doubts about certain things and therefore think that it is necessary to negotiate again with the investor, and if there is a need for economy, they will demand the withdrawal of the law from the assembly and return to the Government for finalization. The ministry considers it controversial that licensed, profitable and profitable investors receive state aid, not one but more.

“We think that such investments that already have a kind of indirect state aid, be it feeding tariffs or power purchase agreements, already use the state aid from the Government and additional state aid would be disputed from what we get from the analyzes and we do not know if there is an example of one investment having one or three types of state aid, and those requests and proposals for strategic investors should be looked at very carefully,” said the Ministry of Economy.

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