Old passport holders stranded abroad will be allowed re-entry with emergency document


Macedonian Foreign Minister BujarOsmani told a press briefing on Friday that North Macedonia’s citizens stranded abroad due to passport issuance problem will be allowed re-entry with an emergency travel document after the Feb. 12 deadline by which old passports need to be replaced with new ones bearing the new name of the country. The emergency travel document will be issued with diplomatic-consular offices.

Osmani said there is no room for panic, the diplomatic-consular offices will work two shifts, as well as on Saturday and Sunday, adding that a surge of applications for emergency travel documents is seen in Germany.

“There are also two new mobile stations for issuing travel documents in Germany. The biggest inrush is in Bonn, where over 6,000 emergency travel documents have been issued. Then in Bern, Berlin, Munich, Venice, Rome and Ljubljana,” said Osmani.

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