Stojanoski: The VMRO-DPMNE government will implement digitalization of services and PayPal use


The VMRO-DPMNE government will take steps and measures for the economic transformation of Macedonia immediately after its formation, VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski told a press conference on Saturday.

“It is impermissible for citizens to wait for a service from the Public Revenie Office (PRO) for several days or to have to answer the phone to have their work done. The VMRO-DPMNE government will enable the use of the PayPal service in Macedonia, its integration, as well as enabling the operation of similar services and institutions for electronic payment, all with the aim of simplifying the functioning of young freelancers and programmers who work abroad and achieve a significant foreign exchange turnover. With the integration of those systems in our system, they will be able to legally receive their money in Macedonia and pay tax for it,” said MP Stojanoski.


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