VMRO-DPMNE measures the rating of presidential candidates, the public call is open to everyone


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski says that there is currently an open call for the election of a candidate for the president of the state, to which anyone interested can apply until February 21 and be part of the convention, if they meet the conditions. He announced that tomorrow they will have a constitutive session of the Republican Election Headquarters, which will officially start the campaign.

The convention for electing a presidential candidate is on March 2. There is currently an advertisement. All those who meet the conditions can apply until February 21. Preparations are underway, Mickoski said on Sunday after inspecting construction activities on the construction of the quay on the Serava River in Skopje.

The opposition leader announced the official start of the campaign for Monday and indicated that he expects more candidates from other political parties, including the Albanian ones.

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