Classic case of abuse of the EU flag in the Law on Games of Chance


The Association of Sports Betting of Macedonia (ASOM) once again reacts most strongly to the misuse of the so-called EU flag fast-track procedure in the Law on Games of Chance.
“The need for an EU flag procedure is imposed during legal procedures where it is necessary to comply with some of the regulations of the European legislation, with the aim of faster integration of the country into the European Union. In such a case, the law is implemented according to a fast-track procedure, but with the same, the procedure is denied from a public hearing.
“We who are directly affected and who account for 95% of the gambling market have at no time had the opportunity to give our observations and comments to the law, thus completely denying our right to public debate. This is a major reshaping of the industry and cannot be done without regular procedure and discussion. Also, this law does not exist in any European country, nor has such legislation been used so far in the EU, where our country aims to integrate,” said the association.

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