Solution for personal documents is in the amendments to two laws


Today at midnight, the transitional period of five years expires, i.e. the provision from the Prespa Agreement, which will cease to be valid for travel documents and documents for international use, which contain the old name of the state, the former Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski claimed last year that the citizens they will not be punished, but right now the opposite is happening.
The Prespa Agreement entered into force on February 12, 2019, with which the validity of passports with the old name expires five years later, that is, on February 12 of this year.
“A law on amending and supplementing the law on road documents and the law on traffic safety has been prepared by the Minister of Interior, Panche Toshkovski, and they will be urgently submitted to the Government, as the only solution to the current crisis in which the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia have been brought who, as of February 13, 2024, will remain trapped in the country’, says Minister Toshkovski.
“There is a solution to the problem and it is very simple. If there is political will, they will solve people’s problems in one day,” said the caretaker interior minister.

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