Consequences will be long-term if Mytilineos enters the market, says the Society of Engineers


In connection with the latest current energy topics related to the Draft Law and the Agreement with the strategic investor Mytilineos, officials appeared in public who gave statements that do not correspond to the real and true data for which we have already submitted numerous calculations to the public, says the Macedonian Association of Engineers.
“According to the provisions in the Law on Strategic Investments, the only competent persons for making relevant statements are the members of the Commission, among them is the Minister of Economy.
The other officials who make statements in the media, according to the Law on Strategic Investments, are not involved at all nor are they familiar with the work of this Commission. That’s why we think that their statements and views, which are without realistically shown calculations, and are supported only by claims “trust me” or “I guarantee you”, are views that are general and do not befit engineering communication,” said the association.

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