VMRO-DPMNE to submit a request for citizens’ compensation due to unnecessary financial costs for issuing personal documents


Due to the irresponsibility and mischievous attitude of the ruling SDS, the citizens are put in a situation of being detained in their own country. In the past years, the competent institutions, primarily the Ministry of Interior led by Spasovski, consciously worked against the interests of the state and citizens, so that now there is a complete collapse in the issuance of travel documents, due to which citizens cannot exercise their basic freedoms and rights, opposition MP and VMRO-DPMNE Executive Board member Igor Janushev said on Monday.
“This is a direct violation of the human and civil rights of every individual in Macedonia, because someone abused their duty and worked negligently in the service. Oliver Spasovski is directly responsible for this, because years ago he procured forms for personal and travel documents and issued them, although he was aware that they would become invalid before their expiration date. By doing that, Spasovski not only damaged the state budget, but also damaged the citizens who today are faced with restriction of movement and material damage. For this, VMRO-DPMNE, on behalf of all citizens, will demand criminal responsibility from Oliver Spasovski, because the citizens who took out a passport in the period from 2018 until today, and to whom the state did not issue an appropriate travel document, are directly harmed and brought to a humiliating position of not being able to enjoy their rights,” said Janushev.

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