Former special prosecutor got a job at her son’s law firm – Janeva leaves prison in the morning, returns in the afternoon


The former head of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), Katica Janeva, recently started working again. She leaves the Idrizovo prison in the morning and returns in the afternoon. The prosecutor’s employer is her son Lazar Janev, who has his own law firm. She revealed the new job herself via Facebook.
The director of the Sanctions Enforcement Administration, Jovica Stojanovikj and the director of the Idrizovo prison Zoran Jovanovski, emphasized that Janeva has fulfilled the conditions and has A treatment, because Janeva has served most of the 7-year sentence for the “Racket” case.
Until the lawyer engagement in her son’s office, Janeva worked in the prison library and had the opportunity to use weekends. She was arrested on suspicion of racketeering in August 2019 and later received a seven-year prison sentence.

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