Mitreski to schedule presidential elections Wednesday, ongoing consultations on the parliamentary elections


Parliament Speaker Jovan Mitreski will schedule the presidential elections on Wednesday, February 14th.

Mitreski is consulting with the Parliament services whether the parliamentary elections, which are planned to be held on May 8, should be scheduled at the same time.

“The presidential elections will be scheduled on February 14 because it is my constitutional obligation, an obligation that derives from the Constitution. The Constitution clearly states that they should be scheduled between 70 and 90 days from the holding of elections. In fact, the first round of the presidential elections is April 24, which means 70 days ago it was February 14 and then the presidential elections will be announced. I have not yet made a decision whether the regular parliamentary elections will be scheduled on the same day. I am doing some consultations with the Parliament services. If there is no obstacle, why wouldn’t I do it on the same day,” said Mitreski.

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