Toshkovski: Over 100,000 citizens have been photographed for new passports, there are only 15,000 booklets


There are over 100,000 people photographed for new passports, of which about 60,000 have been processed and approved and entered into the production system, and in about 30,000 cases, citizens have been photographed, but the procedure to enter the system has not been approved, that is, they are waiting when they will enough booklets to be produced, caretaker Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski told TV Telma’s Top Tema debate show.

As the minister said, as of yesterday there were 5,000 type A and about 10,000 type B passport booklets available, that means less than 5,000 to be printed in the Macedonian language, and 10,000 in the Albanian language.

When asked how the orders will go, the minister replied: “God willing”.

Regarding travel documents, Toshkovski says that the assumption is that somewhere around 650 thousand citizens have a valid passport with the name Republic of Macedonia.

The minister announced that around 250 thousand passport booklets should arrive by the end of this month.

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