Macedonians can enter Serbia with their old ID cards


Macedonian Minister of Interior PancheToshkovski visited the border crossing Tabanovce Wednesday morning, where he determined on the spot the actual situation related to the crossing of the border of vehicles and passengers to neighboring Serbia.

The minister was informed by the leading police officers at the border crossing that everything is going in the best order according to the established rules and that the citizens can easily exit the country to Serbia with those ID cards that bear the name “Republic of Macedonia”, but are valid according to the validity date printed on them.

“Minister Toshkovski stressed what we announced as a ministry in the past days, which is the right of citizens, if they are prevented from exiting, to receive a written explanation with the reasons for the same. Also, the minister briefly greeted the responsible police officers from the Serbian border police who confirmed that the passage of Macedonian citizens is going smoothly and in that direction he thanked for the excellent cooperation we have as ministries,” the Ministry of Interior informed.


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