Mickoski: SDS and DUI are preparing an epic escape crime worth EUR 140 million in TPP Bitola


An epic escape crime worth more than 140 million euros is in preparation, tenders are being prepared in TPP Bitola, about MKD 6 billion for the import of coal and about MKD 3 billion including VAT for the mining of coal and tailings in TPP Bitola. I will tell you in advance that those two public procurements will be won by companies that you know and that are the favorite companies of several in the government, led by DUI and SDS, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski, in a response to a journalist’s question during his visit to Kavadarci.

Mickoski elaborated that the government on the run will announce a tender for the purchase and import of coal worth 6 billion denars, which is equal to 100 million euros, and they will award a tender for the mining of coal and tailings to the favorite company of a consul of an eastern country.

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