Agreement with Mytilineos will lead to the country’s financial collapse, says professor Tunevski


 The effects of this law for Mytilineos are catastrophic for Macedonia, the numbers are shocking and will lead to the financial collapse of the state, university professor AtanaskoTunevskisaid in an interview with TV Telma.

“Mytilineos is given state aid of 50 million euros in cash, plus the fact that it is given a plot of 115,000 square meters, that is 20 football fields, with a lease of only 10 denars per square meter per month can be considered as state aid or a total law of 2 euros per year per square meter, which is again state aid because in the TIDZs that lease costs 4 euros. Mytilineos will pay under 2 euros, and all others will pay 4 euros, so it is the second type of state aid. The third and most important type of state aid is that it is guaranteed that all the electricity and all the heat will be bought, at prices that are 15 to 35 percent higher than the stock market prices,” said professor Tunevski.

He adds that any trader knows what it means to buy a guaranteed quantity, and that means that everything that Macedonia produces will have to be bought.


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