After the 150 million worth tender in ESM, Government gives its favorite company Markovski another tender of worth EUR 4 million


Another million euros worth tender in TPP Bitola for Markovski company, accused Stevche Antovski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.
“At AD ESM, the episodes with the multi-million public procurement contracts with their favorite company – MARKOVSKI KOMPANI Borche DOOEL from Bitola continue, as if it were an Indian series.
After the 150 million euros that VMRO-DPMNE announced two days ago, another 4 million euros will follow. The outgoing government has made a mass, it ruthlessly spends people’s money.
Namely, two days ago we announced that the outgoing government of SDS and DUI, right before the elections, is preparing two tenders in TPP Bitola worth 9 billion denars. In the past years, ESM has spent hundreds of millions of euros on tenders for coal mining and the hiring of auxiliary machinery behind closed doors,” said Antovski

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