Still possible to travel to several European countries with the old passports


Several European countries, some of them members of the Schengen zone, allow entry and exit at their border crossings with a passport with the old constitutional name – the Republic of Macedonia, the practice of the past few days shows, a well-informed diplomatic source tells the “360 degrees” political show.
Of the members of the EU and Schengen, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria are some of the countries that allow travel, and their example is not excluded to be followed by other countries in Europe. In these countries, there is a large diaspora coming from Macedonia, which is permanently engaged in work, so the countries do not want to put the domestic economy at risk, considering the problems with replacing the travel documents of Macedonian citizens according to the deadlines in the Prespa Agreement. Of the countries in the region, citizens can travel to Albania and Kosovo with their old passports.

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