Peak in the ESM crime – The more expensive offer was selected of the favorite company Markovski for coal mining worth EUR 46 million


VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader and MP Aleksandar Nikoloski told a press briefing on Monday that the crime that has been happening in the last months and the last days of the SDSM and DUI leaving power.

Nikoloski pointed out that a tender worth 46 million euros for coal mining in TPP Bitola was signed these days, between Elektrostopanstvo na Macedonia or Elektrani na Macedonia, a subsidiary of TPP Bitola and the government’s favorite company Markovski company of the Belarusian Honorary Consul, Borche Markovski, record holder in tenders in Macedonia.

“The first question that arises is why the cheapest offer was not chosen, and an offer that is about 30% higher than the cheapest offer was accepted. Namely, the offer that was accepted is worth MKD 129.7 per giga joule, and there was also an offer that was MKD 100 per giga joule. I repeat the accepted offer is MKD 129.7 per giga joule, and there is an offer of MKD 100 per giga joule,” Nikoloski said.


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