Sela and Taravari dismissed each other, Administrative Court to decide who will be the AA party leader


After the current and former leaders held congresses, in the end the Administrative Court will decide who is the leader of the Alliance for Albanians. Zijadin Sela and Arben Taravari, who were friends up until yesterday, have dismissed each other and both claim to be the legitimate chairperson of the party. Yesterday, the AA delegates elected Zijadin Sela with 591 votes in favor to lead the party again.

On Friday, also at an extraordinary congress attended by 421 delegates, Arben Taravari’s wing dismissed Zijadin Sela from the position of president of the Central Presidency and re-elected him as the leader of the Alliance for Albanians.

As the two wings claim, the two party seals are everywhere with the two presidents. It is expected that legal proceedings will be initiated before the Administrative Court on who will be the legitimate party leader.


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