Over 20,000 passport booklets delivered, additional batches to arrive by the end of month


Over 20,000 passport booklets have been delivered, additional batches will arrive by the end of the month and in June. Therefore, no one is being sabotaged in the Ministry of Interior, said additional Deputy Minister of Interior Mitko Bojmacaliev on Tuesday.

Bojmacaliev claims that no one is being sabotaged in the ministry. As an illustration, 50,000 passport booklets arrived on the day when former minister Spasovski handed over the office to incumbent Minister Toshkovski, a further 20,000 were delivered a few days ago and we expect a larger batch by the end of the month. Furthermore, a large shipment is due in June, which means that citizens’ needs will be met and they will receive their documents, Bojmacaliev added.

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