Taravari: My biggest mistake was joining the Government, DUI would have accepted me as the first Albanian PM


The leader of the Alliance for Albanians and presidential candidate Arben Taravari in an interview with the debate magazine “Click Plus” on TV21, said that one of the biggest mistakes his party made was joining the SDSM/DUI government.

“Most of the party members wanted us to join the Government, even I voted in favor of it, I didn’t want to run away from responsibility. But that was the biggest mistake we made, a huge dissatisfaction arose among the supporters of the Alliance for the Albanians,” said Taravari.

He admitted it was a mistake.

“We are only human,” Taravari added.

The AA party leader said that if he had asked to be the first Albanian Prime Minister, DUI would have accepted, but he still decided to listen to the people’s voice.

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