Leonid stirs up the country: Instead of finding funds, they shift responsibility – laws and documentation are to blame


For three days, the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) has been justifying itself to the public, why Leonid Indov, who requested 140,000 euros for treatment in Vienna, did not receive it. During the same time, citizens organize humanitarian actions, donate to bills and via phone calls, because Leonid’s family has to pay for the treatment. A briefing was also organized by the HIF, behind four walls and without cameras, where, among other things, it was said: Leonid Indov is not in a life-threatening condition, and if he was, the Health Fund would have given him help within 24 hours. While the HIF says that they are not to blame, but the procedures, caretaker Prime Minister TalatXhaferirefusesto discuss any changes to laws and regulations.

HIF head Magdalena Filipovska-Grashkoska said that they did not allow state funds to pay for Leonid’s treatment, based on incomplete documentation. She also sees a problem in the consular opinion, where she claims that the intervention to which Leonid was directed was not mentioned. She repeated that there were conditions in Macedonia for treating Leonid’s disease as in Austria, but she did not explain in which clinic.

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