Opposition urges changesto the law on travel documents


First, I would like to mention a personal example of a friend, with whom I have regular contact, he lives and works in Germany and came to Macedonia with a travel document due to a death in his family. And now he cannot return to Germany because he does not have a new travel document. Imagine that, he has a valid passport, but it says Republic of Macedonia, and the document expires in 2026. And now he will lose his job in Germany because Macedonia as a country passed such a dysfunctional law on passports, MP and VMRO-DPMNE Executive Board member AntonijoMiloshoski told Alsat TV News.

“”And that’s why we urge the MPs of the ranks of SDSM and DUI, this is inhumane for all citizens of Macedonia, it threatens the right to freedom of movement, it threatens their work, it threatens their family obligations and visits, it threatens treatment and education of all Macedonian citizens regardless of where they come from and who they are by origin. We appeal to the MPs of SDSM and DUI, along with TalatXhaferi and BujarOsmani, who I currently know are the brakemen of this process, to give their support in order to change the law on travel documents and for valid travel documents to be valid at least until December 31, 2024,” said Miloshoski.

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