Macedonian citizens are practically “stuck” inside the country, says opposition


MPs from the ranks of opposition VMRO-DPMNE, BranePetrushevski and Mile Lefkov, released a video of them trying to cross the Macedonian-Bulgarian border by car, at the Delchevo border crossing, with passports that contain the old name “Republic of Macedonia” instead of the new“Republic of North Macedonia”.

However, their attempt turned out to be unsuccessful, as the border guards informed them that their passports were invalid.

But then MPs presented diplomatic passports, also with the old constitutional name of the state, and the border guards raised the bar, saying that they have not yet received instructions on how to deal with citizens who present a diplomatic passport with “Republic of Macedonia”.

The MPs concluded that the Macedonian people are practically “stuck” and called on their colleagues from SDSM and DUI to finally vote for amendments to the law on travel documents.

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