Albanian party leader demands that the Parliament elect president and vice president


Macedonian Foreign Minister BujarOsmani will be a candidate for the president of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), announced the leader of the party, Ali Ahmeti.

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti gave a public address in which he called on the citizens to elect a president and vice president with 2/3 of the votes, that is, with a double majority.

“I invite you to join us in the most important referendum of our time to: Say ‘no’ to Russia, and say ‘yes’ to Europe! Let’s elect a president and vice president with 2/3 of the vote and double the Badenter majority. Bujar should expect this change that we are looking for in our 2016 and 2020 program as well. The opening of the Constitution for the case of the president will enable the adoption of the Good Neighborliness Treaty and the continuation of EU integration,” said Ahmeti.

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