PPO: Integrity of M-NAV proceedings ensured, there’s no threat of it being compromised


Discussing the replacement of pretrial detention measures with precautionary measures for six suspects in the M-NAV case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) in Skopje said a competent public prosecutor has already questioned all witnesses and suspects, the integrity of the proceedings has been ensured and there is no threat of it being compromised.

According to the PPO, the suspects no longer have opportunity to influence evidence or actions that will be taken in the further course of the proceedings.

“For those reasons, and taking into account the practice of the Strasbourg Court, the public prosecutor proposed to replace detention with milder precautionary measures,” said the PPO.

The M-NAV attack happened on January 4 after Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers leader Aleksandar Tasevski told a press conference that twenty to thirty air traffic controllers and their assistants working for M-NAV would start resigning from their management positions in response to the latest job announcement in this institution.

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