Prendzov: SDSM will suffer a catastrophic defeat because they have been terrorizing the Macedonian public for 7 years


MP from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Ljupcho Prendzov assessed that the ruling SDSM is “about to be knocked down” and will be defeated in the upcoming elections, because for seven years they have terrorized the Macedonian public and reversed many processes, and in addition they are trying to have full control of the judiciary and the prosecution.

Prendzov pointed out that in the past 30 years, no minister or director from the ranks of SDSM was held accountable, despite the many crimes and affairs, and emphasized that even today SDSM tries to control the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office.

“The essence of which the government does not want us to talk about is that they want to have complete control in the Prosecutor’s Office and in the judiciary in the country for the next 10 years. Since the 90s, when SDSM was in power, when 500 judges were elected in one day in the Parliament through such judicial councils, which they have rights now, and today, before leaving power, they practically control the judiciary all the time. We have seen all the millions of privatizations in which many people lost their jobs and they came to power again in 2002-2006, again there were criminal affairs, and not a single SDSM minister was held accountable from 1992 to today,” said Prendzov.


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