SDSM: Average salary will be over EUR 1,000 and the minimum EUR 600 in the next term


SDSM kept its promises to the citizens, and tries to provide them with a better quality of life. In SDSM’s next term, the average salary will be over 1,000 euros, while the minimum salary will be 600 euros. This is attainable and feasible, with the correct policies that SDSM leads in the interest of the citizens, the ruling party said in a press release on Saturday.

“That has already been proven with a record increase in the average salary, which is MKD 40,000. SDSM keeps its promises to the citizens, and that is how it started its first term, with a promise to increase the average salary from 500 euros, which reached an even higher amount of 650 euros. We do not stop here, because the salaries of the citizens will continue to grow daily. A European standard for all, better conditions for the economy, growth of the economy, responsibility for budget management, which actually enables the salaries of citizens to grow daily, is the focus of SDSM and in the new program,” added SDSM.


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