Ademi: We expect all political parties to back the idea of ​​electing the country’s president in Parliament


Deputy party leader and spokesperson of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Arbr Ademi, said at a press conference on Sunday that he expects all political parties to respond positively to their idea that the country’s president should be elected in the Parliament.

“If we approach this issue rationally, taking into account all the risks and difficulties for realizing a successful presidential election cycle, reasonably all political parties should agree to this – that the president be elected in the Parliament and this would not be any kind of blackmail or obstacle in realizing what follows as an obligation in our European integration path. We believe that all political parties will approach sensibly and rationally. When the Constitution is opened, we should also give an answer about the method of electing the President in the Parliament, and that is the best to realize because of Ali Ahmeti’s vision,” said Ademi.

Ademi pointed out examples that in both Albania and Kosovo the head of state is elected in the Parliament, although, as he said, the president in these countries has greater powers.

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