VMRO-DPMNE neither talks nor negotiates under blackmail, DUI’s behavior will motivate citizens to send that party to the opposition


Expected from DUI in the absence of real arguments, real projects and what are the essential problems of the citizens, which the government has failed to solve in the past 20 years, to come up with such national romantic demands, says VMRO-DPMNE MP Brane Petrushevski, asked about the position of the opposition party regarding DUI’s request to elect the country’s president in the Parliament.

“VMRO-DPMNE neither talks nor negotiates under blackmail, and at least accepts blackmail. We will only call on the citizens to follow this behavior of DUI and let it be an additional motive for all citizens in the next elections to prove that this country is not a hostage of a political party and that DUI, as it has behaved for the past 20 years, obviously will continue to behave in the coming years,” Petrushevski stressed.

Asked about whether the census for the election of the president with the conditions of the Albanian bloc and a possible call for a boycott was called into question, Petrushevski reiterated that ‘it is finally time for DUI to go into opposition and it will be with the help of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia’.



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