Independent Police Union tells Xhaferi that political campaigns are carried out outside the institutions


Yesterday’s unannounced visit of caretaker Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi to the Tetovo Interior Department caused numerous fierce reactions, where according to the videos that were published, he is seen addressing the employees, who were gathered in the premises, in an arrogant and reprimanding tone.

The Independent Police Union issued a strong condemnation of Xhaferi’s behavior and urged that politics and political campaigns be conducted outside the institutions, and that workers should not be abused for political purposes. In the Government, they requested a meeting with Xhaferi to explain his motives for appearing in the Tetovo Interior Department, but they did not find him there.

“Through the premises where the police premises are and where there are police workers, politicians should not ask for votes through the police and do not ask for votes through something that can only cause harm and anger among the workers, as I have anger. We will submit a request in writing as to what was his motive for entering the Tetovo Interior Department , so that he can publish it in the media,” said Goce Delchev with the Independent Police Union in a press briefing on Saturday.

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