SDSM: Average salary was MKD 40,000 during our term, with DPMNE it was only MKD 22,000


During SDSM’s term, the average salary reached a record MKD 40,000 and this is the highest level of salary increase in our country in history. In contrast to the time of DPMNE, when the minimum wage was MKD 22,000 or barely 360 euros, today the salary is 650 euros, which is an increase of 290 euros in just a few years, says the ruling party.

“Besides the average wage, there will be an increase in the minimum wage of over MKD 22,500, after the harmonization of the Law on Minimum Wage, starting next month. SDSM increased the minimum wage for 6 years, 4 times, and during the DPMNE term the minimum wage was MKD 8,050,” reads SDSM’s press release.


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