SDSM says the president should be elected in elections by all citizens


The ruling SDSM still maintains the position that the president of the state should be elected in general elections, said Darko Kaveski, MP and spokesperson of the ruling party.

“Answer to a journalist’s question: SDSM publicly and clearly stated on many occasions our position that the presidential candidate should be chosen in immediate elections and this request is nothing new, it was also heard in the elections in 2019 and 2020, we believe that there will be no the need to go back to democracy. It is important that the SDSM candidate will be supported by all ethnic communities and will be supported by the majority of our citizens and will be the winner of the presidential elections. Therefore, we do not expect that the presidential elections will be boycotted by any political party, and I expect a lot of support for the SDSM cadidate,” said Kaevski.

The position of the social democrats is thus opposite to that of the coalition partner in power, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), that the head of state be elected in the Parliament with a two-thirds majority of Bandenter, which also requires constitutional amendments that would be implemented together with the introduction of the Bulgarian and a number of other communities in the Constitution.


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