Twenty years since President Boris Trajkovski’s tragic death


The 20th anniversary of the tragic death of Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, his closest aides and the plane crew was marked at flower-laying ceremonies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Skopje, and Strumica. Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski laid a wreath of fresh flowers on the grave of President Boris Trajkovski at the Butel cemetery in Skopje.

Pendarovski also paid his respects to the other members of the delegation that lost their lives: Dimka Ilkova – Boskovikj, Riste Blazhevski, Mile Krstevski, Marko Markovski and Branko Ivanovski at the Butel cemetery in Skopje.

A representative of the President’s Office laid fresh flowers on the eternal resting place of Anita Krishan Lozanovska at the cemetery in Veles. A representative of President’s Office, as part of the state delegation, attended the anniversary commemoration ceremony in front of the memorial – the landmark of the accident site in Rotimlje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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