Average wage over EUR 1,000 and EUR 600 minimum wage in the new term, pledges SDSM


SDSM raised the average wage to the historically highest level of MKD 40,000 or 650 euros, the ruling SDSM said in a press release on Monday.

“Not only did we keep the election promise to the citizens for an average salary of 500 euros, but we also exceeded it to 650 euros. Higher wages mean more money in citizens’ pockets, higher and better living standards. That’s why SDSM continues with the policies of salary increase in the new term, in the new program. We will work to reach an average wage of over 1,000 euros and a minimum wage of 600 euros. With the right policies, this is achievable, because we have shown that these historically highest levels that we have today are also achievable,” the ruling party pointed out.

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