Consumer basket “heavier” by EUR 500 in 7 years, says opposition


Under the rule of SDS and DUI, the consumer basket in seven years has doubled from 500 euros in 2017 to almost 1,000 euros today, said the main opposition party VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Wednesday.

“In seven years, the life of the citizens is twice as expensive. Due to the bad management of SDS and DUI, 500 MKD should have been allocated in 2017, now 1,000 MKD should be allocated for the same. For 7 years, the life of the people has become unbearably difficult and for this entire period, GDP growth per capita is only 20%, while in the region it is more than 50%. Who can afford to fill a consumer basket? 600,000 people who live on 150 MKD a day certainly not, but millionaires like Kaevski, Kovachevski, Zechevikj, certainly CAN,” said the largest opposition party.


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