Siljanovska with a double lead over Pendarovski in Election Units 1 and 5 – the difference between them is increasing compared to last January


The IPIS survey released during the Objektive program on MRT presented the results and the rating of the candidates for president of the Republic of N. Macedonia. In this survey conducted in February in Election Units 1 and 5, it is evident the double advantage that the candidate backed by VMRO-DPMNE, GordanaSiljanovskaDavkova, has over SDSM’s candidate, current President StevoPendarovski.

In the first election unit, 22.4% of respondents answered that they would vote for GordanaSiljanovskaDavkova, and 11.2% said they would vote for StevoPendarovski. 6.6% of those polled would vote for BujarOsmani, 5.4% for ArbenTaravari, 4.8% for BiljanaVankovska, 3.8% for MaksimDimitrievski, and 1% for StevchoJakimovski.

In election unit 5, the most respondents, i.e. 22.6%, would give their support to the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for president of the country.

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