Director of a center for social affairs, member of Trenchevska’s staff in Radovish, arrested for drug trafficking


Aleksandar Filev, executive director of an inter-municipal center for social affairs in Radovish, on February 17, was detained in Shtip by police officers with the department for illegal drug and weapons trafficking for illegal drug possession. There is also a police record that he had been detained, that narcotics were found and that a report will follow.

“This is a serious scandal. The head of a center for social affairs, a center for people at social risk, a center for children at risk, a center that is responsible for sobriety in making decisions to help children and families at risk, including help for conditions caused by addictions, such the center is run by a director, SDS staff, caught in drug trafficking,” VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press briefing on Thursday.


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