Pendarovski has no credibility to run for president, is he running under duress because no one else wants to lose, says Lefkov


Stevo Pendarovski has no credibility to be the president of the country. Pendarovski does not stick to his word and changes his views in a matter of hours. In the coming period, we will remind the public why Stevo Pendarovski should not be president. The first and most striking example of why Pendarovski does not have the capacity to be president is his inability to stick to his position, MP and VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Mile Lefkov told a press conference on Thursday.

The opposition MP recalled that on December 6, Stevo Pendarovski personally said that he did not plan to run for a second term.

“It was announced by the media at 02:13 p.m., only for an hour and a few minutes later at 03:19 p.m. it was denied by his office, saying that he was misunderstood. What did Pendarovski say on December 6? When asked if he was considering running for a new term, he replied briefly and decisively: NO. How did Pendarovski’s NO become yes in a matter of hours? Is the personal attitude of Pendarovski, who just like other political actors in the country watches the polls, but also knows how much damage he and SDS have done, is not to run? And is he running under the duress of Kovachevski, Marichikj and Zechevikj because no one else in SDS wants to carry the defeat on his back, not even Oliver Spasovski, who until the last moment was calculatingwhether he had the numbers to enter the race?,” asked Lefkov.



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