The outgoing government presented another disastrous surprise to the citizens, a new increase in food products, accuses opposition


Citizens today are facing a new price shock due to the non-extension of the measure of guaranteed prices for food products. With such a decision of the government of SDS and DUI, the citizens will feel a direct blow to their budgets, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Friday.

“Starting today, prices will increase significantly, and with it, inflation, which is currently 50 percent higher than that in the Eurozone. The government of SDS and DUI, on the one hand, while boasting that they are allegedly increasing salaries, and on the other hand, is making reckless decisions that will negatively affect the standard of living of the citizens. In order to fill one consumption basket, about 1000 euros are needed, or three minimum wages,” added the main opposition party.


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