Ziberi urges MoI to reorganize the process of issuing ready-made documents


The Macedonian Ombudsman Naser Ziberi has received complaints from citizens due to their inability to get their already made personal documents. In the past two months, 50 petitions for personal documents have arrived on different grounds, inability to pick up the document, schedule an appointment or reimbursement of expenses because the validity of the old ones has not yet expired.

“On two occasions we visited the main checkpoints in Skopje, where the allegations in the petitions were confirmed, that a serious number of documents – identity cards, permits, even travel documents, were put aside and the authority has no insight into their distribution, i.e. issuance,” the Ombudsman Ziberi said at a press briefing, and urged the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to make a better reorganization of the process of issuing ready-made documents and to avoid delays.

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