Palevski to be extradited as soon as administrative procedures are complete


Deputy Minister of Justice Viktorija Avramovska-Madikj said at a press conference Friday that Ljupcho Palevski, the prime suspect in the murder of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panche Zhezhovski, is expected to be extradited by Turkey as soon as all administrative procedures are complete.

“The Justice Minister visited his counterpart in Turkey and as the public was informed by the Justice Ministry, the court procedure is completed, we are just waiting on the administrative documents to be finalized, and then we expect Ljupcho Palevski to be extradited,” said Avramovska-Madikj at a press conference on Friday.

She did not comment on the letter that Ljupcho Palevski sent to the media through the Desna party, and said that anything related to the court procedure could be misunderstood by the public and harm the procedure itself.

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